Factors to Regard in Choosing Quartz Countertops (Infographic)

Factors to Regard in Choosing Quartz Countertops (Infographic)

Your kitchen takes a considerable part in real estate value, which implies the importance of maintaining its quality and looks. It is also one of the busiest places in your home, from preparing breakfast to lunch and making dinner, which explains why its countertop is very important.

On the other hand, quartz has been on top of the choices for kitchen countertop. Its fame continues to grow through the years with its benefits and advantages. Its durability and non-porous features have brought quartz to the top of the competition. However, although this product has many great features, there are significant factors to include before installation.

Are you planning to conduct a little makeover on your kitchen or is looking forward to installing a quartz countertop at Mission Viejo? Keep updated with the best ways to choose your quartz countertop from the tips we have below.

Designs and Features

With the modern industry and its non-stop development, various products and plans are being produced, and quartz countertop is one of them.

While you have might have your favorite features for your quartz countertop from colors to patterns, it is still vital to regard some of the essential factors before purchasing one. Apart from the material itself, it is also necessary to consider checking your kitchen’s overall outlook. Unless you wanted to disappoint an interior designer, your cabinets, walls, and floor should not contrast the look, design, and color of your chosen countertop. Furthermore, if you wanted to create a much extensive appearance and open ambiance on your kitchen, pick a lighter hue better as it works well with compact cookeries.


Your quartz countertop’s thickness size also matters, particularly if you are a fan of minimalist designs.

The traditional quartz thickness ranges from 2 to 3cm, which makes them ideal for someone you love to keep things simple yet classy looking. While thinner size is an excellent choice for someone who barely utilizes their countertop and is looking for the right thickness of material for backsplash, 3cm, on the other hand, is the best for bulkier and less prone to deterioration.   

Finishing Touches

If you’re looking for the best way to improve your quartz countertop transforming its edging is the best way. 

A kitchen design that is narrowed to functionality and conventional style, straight and squared edge is ideal. For someone who strictly looks after safety, it’s better to go with bullnose for round edge and demi-bullnose for a rounded top for a straight edge.

Apart from the edges finishing touches are also important. There’s nothing more to a well-polished kitchen countertop as it promotes a more sophisticated outlook. Moreover, if you’re into a little informal yet glamorous looking quartz countertop honed finishing is the best for you. Apart from it enhances its overall aesthetics, it also creates an alluring slight sheen.

Conclusion: Before installing a new kitchen countertop apart from the product itself, it is also essential to consider checking your cookery’s overall designs. From its style to size and the finishing touch, each detail should go well with your kitchen’s existing features. Moreover, it is better to settle with a reliable product and service provider to guarantee good quality material and the best of assistance.

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