The Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Quartz Countertops ( Infographic )

The Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Quartz Countertops ( Infographic )

In case you are planning for an upcoming kitchen remodeling project, one of the first things you should consider is countertop installation. Having a kitchen island with a high-quality countertop can help improve your meal prep space by offering an additional working area for organizing and storing ingredients. Fortunately, it is now possible for any type of kitchen to have a unique countertop that perfectly fits the room’s current layout and style.

The material of the countertop is critical in reaping all the benefits that can be enjoyed from having an extra counter space. Some notable examples of countertop materials include granite, recycled glass, marble, stainless steel, concrete, and quartz. Each material possesses distinctive qualities that allow a countertop slab to become durable or visually appealing to match a specific kitchen layout and design. However, there is one countertop material that has been a popular choice for the previous years due to its attractive features and ability to resist damages on its surface – quartz.

Quartz countertops are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. Made from chips of quartz that are bonded with resin, quartz countertops have a speckled appearance that cannot be easily mimicked by other materials.

But before purchasing any quartz countertop, here are the things that you should remember, specifically when keeping it in pristine condition:


Wipe up Spills As Soon as Possible

Despite the non-porous surface of a quartz countertop, spills coming from liquids such as wine, coffee, and juice can become harder to remove once they dried up.

Use an Ideal Cleaning Material for Taking out Food Residue

A non-scratch nylon pad or sponge can be used to get rid of any scrap of food lingering in your quartz countertops without damaging its surface.

Use a Spray Glass Cleaner to Moisten Your Countertop Surface

Spray glass cleaners are good for melting most of the traces of dirt, grease, and grime that could discolor your countertop surface. Make sure that you will wipe the surface dry with a clean cloth afterward.

Always Put a Trivet on the Surface When Putting Hot Pots

Even a resistant quartz countertop is not 100% immune to damages brought by hot objects. Protect your countertop surface with a trivet or heat pad.


Cutting Items on the Surface Without a Chopping Board

Sharp objects like knives can bring permanent scratches on your countertop surface, so don’t forget to use a chopping board.

Cleaning the Surface with Vinegar and Other Acidic Solutions

While vinegar, lemon juice, and other acidic solutions work well in cleaning your sink, it might be the other way around for your quartz countertop. The acidity of these solutions might ruin the shininess of your countertop surface.

Using Knives and Abrasive Objects to Scrape Away Dirt

The friction produced by these items will quickly degrade your countertop surface. Always use an appropriate or dedicated product for removing dirt.

A kitchen countertop installation service is just as crucial as buying suitable countertop material. If you’re interested in installing a new kitchen countertop, visit our official website at and schedule your appointment today! We can also let you visit our showroom by contacting us at 800-581-6178.