Things You Should Never Do on Your Kitchen Countertops

Things You Should Never Do on Your Kitchen Countertops

Owning a new kitchen countertop offers a whole new level of convenience, especially when preparing meals. The extra space provided by the countertop surface is ideal for organizing your ingredients, as well as storing different sorts of kitchen tools such as butcher blocks and cutting boards.

Kitchen countertops can also serve a significant purpose in the overall design of the kitchen. Apart from the accent walls, backsplashes, and kitchen cabinets, a countertop surface can be decorated with small accessories like trays, pots, and jars. While the slab used in kitchen cabinets can resist damages that might come from scratches and stain, even the most durable and resistant materials, such as quartz countertops, might eventually degrade because of some items that they usually come in contact with.

Here are some notable examples of the things that you should avoid putting on your kitchen countertops in Aliso Viejo:

  1. Placing Heavy Objects on the Surface

By theory, most countertops are sturdy enough to support a weight of over 200 pounds. If your new kitchen countertop is made from quartz, then you have what is considered to be one of the top contenders for countertop durability. However, if you tried to put some heavy objects like large appliances on your countertop surface, it could result in cracks and ruptured edges.

  • Cutting Directly into the Surface using a Knife

Kitchen countertops can only resist scratches to a certain extent. Intentional motions such as cutting your anything using your knives without the aid of a cutting board can bring adverse effects on the appearance of your countertop surface. Cutting boards are cheap but practical tools to maintain the smoothness of your countertops, so investing in at least one will never hurt your budget.

  • Placing Hot and Cold Objects on the Surface

Extreme temperatures coming from objects such as hot pans can hurt your kitchen countertops when you let it stay on the surface for long periods of time. Doing it repeatedly on the same portion of the countertop surface will lead to discoloration. On the other hand, cold objects, such as frozen meat or fish, can damage the surface due to their tendency to produce moisture, which can penetrate a porous slab.

  • Spilling Acidic Liquids on the Surface

Some types of stones used for kitchen countertops can be susceptible to excessive exposure to acidic substances. Be careful when putting bottles or containers containing vinegar, soda, or any kind of citrus fruits on your countertop surface.

  • Cleaning the Surface with the Wrong Solution

When cleaning your countertops, make sure that you are using the right agent. Cleaning solutions behave differently on various countertop materials, so you need to consider researching if you wanted to get rid of stains lingering on your countertop surface. For some tips on how you can keep the beauty of your kitchen countertops, you can check out an article here.

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