Top Countertop Designs for a Fresh Start of the Decade (Infographic)

Top Countertop Designs for a Fresh Start of the Decade (Infographic)

The modern-day real estate industry is now not just after the property’s attributes regarding its maintenance but also its overall quality, including its physical appearance. From our exterior to interior, it should possess all the excellent quality and characteristics; these factors help in boosting its value.

Apart from our living room where all the attractive features can be spotted, our kitchen also holds vital factors that can contribute to promoting good real estate value for our home. However, the time has become one of our biggest hindrances in keeping our home at its best as always. As we frequently utilize our kitchen, potential countertop damages can happen, and without proper maintenance, replacement would be our only hope.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of giving your cookery a little makeover this 2020, here are some of the in vogue and the best choices for your new kitchen countertop.


A much easier to clean and less hassle to be maintained countertop is what makes quartz a one of a kind material for countertops. Unlike many other options, quartz is non-porous, which also means it is not prone to staining and is incredibly firm; moreover, regular re-sealing won’t be necessary.

Marble with Patterns

If you are looking for something with more personalized and has its character on it, marbled countertops are on its way to surprise you with its lovely patterns.

The idea of veined countertops is not just great but is the best as is your overall kitchen aesthetic, and the patterns help in promoting a better lifestyle. Furthermore, this type of countertop will have its features that will go with your flooring tiles, walls, and other elements with the same pattern.

Countertops with Sinks

As we start a new and fresh decade this 2020, countertops are no exception for a change in its structure and design.

This year promises a whole new collection of gorgeous and more refined kitchen features, and that includes countertops with built-in sinks. 2020 is bringing matte black, the shade of gold, and brass colors all over your cookery very far away from the typical silver structure.

Recycled Countertops

Of course, sustainable countertops will never lose its place on the list. Apart from the fact that this product helps in taking care of nature, its durability is one of its advantages. With 75% of recycled materials like glass mixed with white cement, countertops with fascinating designs are made. This type of kitchen countertop not only empowers your kitchen but also provokes a nature-friendly character to your home. 

Concrete Countertop

When it comes to kitchen features, there surely is a place where you can find concrete countertops for your cookery.

For this year’s top five collections, the industry has brought concrete countertops in line with the best choices for a more modernized touch and character for your kitchen. The colors of concrete countertops will bring elegance all over your cookery, which will surely suit the other features of your home.

Conclusion: Our kitchen has always been one of the most significant contributors to the character and aesthetics of our home. Keeping it well-maintained and in pristine condition is essential not only to ensure a comfortable home but also to increase your property’s value. Moreover, with the best kitchen countertop product and service provider, there’s nothing you’ll need to worry about installing a modernized countertop for your kitchen.

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