Top Kitchen Countertop Picks for Busy Restaurants

Top Kitchen Countertop Picks for Busy Restaurants

Kitchen countertops for commercial kitchens must be durable, heavy-duty, and low-maintenance since these kinds of countertops are used roughly. These countertops face loads of heavy kitchen equipment, scratches from sharp tools like knives, heat from kitchen appliances, and freezing temperatures of frozen foods. The countertop’s surface must endure this on the everyday operation and should remain functional and in good condition.

Choosing the best countertop material for your commercial kitchen is necessary to avoid any inconveniences and maximize your business operation.

Here are the top picks for the best material for your kitchen countertop in a commercial kitchen setting.

Granite Countertop

This type of material can give your kitchen countertop the utility and elegance needed for your commercial kitchen. This countertop has a glimmering shiny surface, and the material can stand heat, load, and scratches. Granite slabs that are polished or matte finished can resist stains especially if it is properly sealed. It also comes in different styles and colors so you can pick the look you prefer. It is low maintenance, and you can just clean the surface with regular soap and wet cloth. On a side note, it must be cleaned regularly and must undergo periodic resealing to fend off stains continuously. Additionally, this countertop must undergo periodic professional repair since some of its edges and corners can chip due to heavy use.

Quartz Countertop

If you are aiming for adaptability and customization, then Quartz countertop is the way to go.

It resembles the appearance of stone but does not require full care or maintenance. Ragged knives, hot pans, abrasive pads, and stains do not stand a chance in a quartz countertop. You can also avail it in different vibrant colors and textures. Like some of the countertops, it must undergo professional repair due to chippings of corners and edges.

Some of the quartz countertop patterns look like marble and granite. A quartz countertop is another top pick for you to serve your commercial kitchen without requiring a lot of maintenance.

Solid Surface Countertops

This kind of countertop is a combination of versatility and beauty. It is a great choice for commercial kitchens since you don’t have to worry about bacteria and stains on your surface. It is resistant to small scratches and nicks. A solid surface countertop can be used for the sink, backsplash, counters since it creates a flawless look and joints are almost left unnoticed. Moreover, it is available in a variety of patterns and colors. It does not require full care, but it is vulnerable to scratches, so cutting boards are a must at all times.

Laminate Countertops

The laminate material is also a top pick for your restaurant’s busy kitchen. Other than being budget-friendly, it is also heavy-duty. The installation is easy, and it can also be aesthetically pleasing since there are technologies for printing which you can incorporate different designs and decorative edges in your countertop. It can bear heat and stains and comes in many styles and colors.

In conclusion, choosing the right countertop for your busy restaurant must be inclined to your restaurant’s needs, style preferences, and budget.

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