Ways on How to Maintain and Clean Your Quartz Countertop

Ways on How to Maintain and Clean Your Quartz Countertop

If you have already invested in a sophisticated fabricated stone for your kitchen countertop, you must also consider investing your resources and time in the maintenance and cleanliness of your countertops. We are all aware that when it comes to the material used for kitchen countertops, Quartz is unrivaled. With its sophistication, elegance, and timeless & sturdy look, you would not expect that cleaning and its maintenance do not require you a lot of effort.

Quartz countertops are pretty low maintenance. Although you still need to be aware of appropriate procedures on how to clean and sanitize them. This will help maintain its fancy appearance and look like you just had a recent kitchen countertop renovation. So, here are the ways you on how you can keep your Quartz Countertop in its top shape.

Daily Cleaning

It is important that your quartz countertop is regularly cleaned and sanitized, especially when used daily. We cannot avoid spills and little accidents during times of cooking or preparation of meals, so cleaning scant of spills can save you from permanent stains, marks, spots, or blemishes that are hard to clean and may require deep cleaning in the future.

Usually, countertops absorb stickiness that came from regular cooking. This eventually results in developing grease. It would be hard to remove if you would leave it untouched for days. It is necessary that you clean any spills right away before it dries up. Use a soft cloth and mild detergent solution or soap when wiping. In addition, it is recommended that you use a microfiber cloth, non-abrasive sponge to remove spills and stains.

Moreover, here are some ways you can remove grease, stuck-on-grime, and tough stains from your quartz countertop:

Grease – Sometimes, using mild soap is not effective enough to remove it. You can switch to using a solution that contains a formula that is specifically made for quartz countertops and has a natural cleaning solution. Or, you can also use a white vinegar solution, which contains ΒΌ of vinegar only to avoid discoloration.

Stuck-on-Grime – For this kind of stain, you can use warm water to moisten it up. On the other hand, if you deal with stuck food bits and spills that already dried up, you can carefully scrape it using a putty knife. Before scraping it, make sure you have already soaked the gunk with water for 5 minutes, ideally. This will make the scraping process much easier.

Tough and Permanent Stains – On removing tough stains, you can use an adhesive remover which is recommended for a quartz countertop to rub the stains away. Use a wet rag and use your trusted cleaning solution. Pour the solution straight into the stain and let the solution settle for 5 to 10 minutes before wiping it. After wiping, you must wipe it again using warm water to remove the residues of stains and the solutions you used.

Consequently, you can use isopropyl rubbing alcohol in removing the stains mentioned above. This is recommended to remove stains quickly. Apply minimal scrubbing when removing stains. After wiping it using alcohol, use warm water to wipe it again.

In some ways, you can use a glass cleaner as long as the solution is quartz-safe glass cleaner. Spray the solution to the stain, let it stay for a few minutes, and use a damp towel when wiping.

Invest in Deep Cleaning

You have the option to do deep cleaning by yourself, but this will require a lot of time, effort, and resources. On the other hand, you can seek help and look for deep cleaning services that are offered by professionals.

If you wish to pursue doing it by yourself, spray a reasonable amount of non-abrasive cleaning solution on the surface of your countertop and let it stay for 10 minutes. Use a non-scratch sponge when wiping.

Furthermore, when you decide to DIY the maintenance and cleaning of your quartz countertop, you need to avoid certain things, including:

– Avoid high-temperature exposure

– Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning solutions

– Avoid using abrasive materials for wiping and scrubbing

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