What Makes Quartz a Great Choice for your Kitchen Countertop (Infographic)

What Makes Quartz a Great Choice for your Kitchen Countertop (Infographic)

For over five decades, quartz has drawn an excellent reputation when it comes to being a high-end countertop material. However, behind this significant development over the years, the respect it gains remains at a low rate. But, quartz still competes with natural stones and solid surface materials for both kitchen and baths.

If you’re not familiar with what is quartz made of, then you probably never heard of engineered stone counters.

Quartz is composed of 93% stone-like materials, with 7% of binders made out of polymeric or cement. You might not know it, but quartz is not the only stone-like material that’s best for countertops. Granite, natural stone, and marble are also composed of leftover pieces of gravel from quarries or industrial wastes like fragments from ceramic, glass, mirrors, and even silica. Stone-like materials compressed by polymeric are what make a high porosity and adds toughness to quartz so it can go with the daily work in the kitchen.

Appearance: With its natural luster, quartz is lined up as one of the best looking materials for countertops. As compared to other premium materials, quartz has more in-depth that’s almost three-dimensional looks comparable with the natural stone.   

Durability: Its toughness helps quartz when it comes to providing a high surface for your kitchen on a daily basis. Composed of minerals that are contrasted together with solid surface counters that are 66% organic and 33% inorganic as binding resins.

However, on the other hand, these qualities are what also makes quartz one of the most expensive material amongst premium choices. But if you wanted something with as good as some of its traits at a more affordable price, using a different solid material for the surface is also a great choice.

Quartz as Carefully Engineered Material

With the fact that quartz countertops are commonly engineered, a variety of colors can be formed in its surfaces with the use of pigmentation. Moreover, glass and stone can also be incorporated as materials that can be used as quartz-resin sludge.

And since they are manufactured products, they’ll surely suit your taste as they have fascinating designs and colors. Engineered quartz also works on uplifting your kitchen’s appearance as well as your lifestyle.

While its durability is much like concrete and granite, quartz does better when it comes to shock resistance. It can also withstand tough stains such as juices, vegetable stains, and even oils; this is what makes quartz an excellent convenience for any homeowners when it comes to maintenance issues.

Conclusion: Your kitchen is one of the significant contributors to aesthetics inside your home, which is why it is imperative to consider having the best qualities for your kitchen stuffs, particularly its countertop. Great attributes come with the best products and materials choose the best kitchen countertop and boost your home’s real estate value.

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