5 Stylish Trends in Accessorizing Kitchen Countertops

5 Stylish Trends in Accessorizing Kitchen Countertops

Providing a durable and good-looking countertop for your kitchen is one of the keys that guarantee efficient and organized meal preparation tasks. But in case you want to squeeze something more from your counters, you can try some accessories that can enhance both of its visual appeal as well as functionality.

Some of the most common kitchen countertop accessories in the market can turn your working surface into a multi-purpose kitchen unit. Since many homeowners suffer from the accumulation of unnecessary clutter lingering in their countertops, here are some of the stylish trends that might become solutions to such problem:

Canisters or Large Jars

If there is no available space on any of your cupboard, then you can line up a set of canisters of jars on your countertop to provide additional storage for your sugar, nuts, biscuits, cereals, pasta, and any type of food you deemed too risky to be put on your cabinet drawers.

A Long Pole for Hanging Trays

Another way of freeing up some space not only on your cupboards but also on your counter surface is by installing a long pole with removable hooks on it. Using this unique storage solution, you can make good use of the wall space just above your countertop by hanging groups of small to medium-sized trays where you can put cups, spices, etc.

Tiered Stands

Baskets and trays have been the usual sight among stylish kitchens. Perhaps the only downside of these storage solutions is that they can host a limited number of items. But with tiered stands, you are basically enhancing the storage capabilities of your countertops without consuming much of its surface. Tiered stands to tend to have a shape similar to a tiered cake but with a different purpose. Each of the tiers can be an excellent place for your fruits, veggies, and even herbs.

Knife Block and Butcher Block

What makes a kitchen countertop an ideal place for stylish accessories is that everything that you put on its surface has the potential to contribute to its overall aesthetics? As simple as putting a knife block on your countertop near the stove can already make a significant difference in making the surface look efficient and organized.

Apart from knife block, having a wooden cutting board can serve as natural details to balance out the other elements found in your kitchen.

Stand Mixer

Do you enjoy cooking as a hobby? Then you might want to try upgrading your cooking capabilities by putting a stand mixer on your countertops. Apart from enabling you to prepare a variety of dishes, a high-quality stand mixer can also be an essential tool if you wanted to integrate some elements of contemporary style in case you are planning for an upcoming kitchen remodeling project.

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