Granite Vs. Quartz Kitchen Countertop (Infographic)

Granite Vs. Quartz Kitchen Countertop (Infographic)

If there’s one place inside your home, a creative person would love to explore that would be the kitchen. While the COVID-19 outbreak might not let us do our usual activities outside our kitchen offers a lot of ideas on how we can break the boredom inside our home. From preparing daily meals to getting creative with special dinner and movie nights. However, as we often utilize our cookery, there are instances that we negatively affect its features, one of which is the countertop. Apart from it helps in enhancing the overall value of your property, taking good care and having the best of materials for your kitchen is also vital to keep your family safe and healthy.

With the current situation, everyone is advised strictly perform disinfection from time to time. However, some of the disinfecting chemicals we know tends to affect the quality of our countertop not to mention the daily exposure to other potential hazards. Fortunately, we have gathered some information that may help you in choosing the best countertop material, starting with the two leading choices.


While Granite maintains its popularity with the durability, it offers Quartz keep up in the competition with its one of a kind features.

  • Solid Stone- Granite is composed of pure stone sawed into slabs and tiles that are being polished before being installed. So for someone who’s into authentic materials granite is the best one for you.
  • Engineered Stone- Quartz, on the other hand, is a manufactures material composed of 92% to 94% of crushed quartz combined with resin for binding and pigment for coloration. If you love to explore your creativity in designs, rest assured that quartz can provide you with what you needed as it offers a vast range of option in designs and colors.


Although both of it displays a strong point, Granite and Quartz still vary in some parts. As per Granite, it reflects more nature-related hues such as greens, earth tones and roses, which makes it more ideal for someone who’s close to nature and loves to keep their kitchen more natural-looking. On the other hand, quartz shows a consistent coloration with a broader array and pigments the best for homeowners who love to maintain elegance and beauty inside their cooking.


When it comes in durability, regardless of the beauty, it displays natural granite falls with its weakness. Its installation may require extra sealing from time to time to keep its perfect state.

Engineered stone is designed to fulfil this matter for every homeowner struggling to maintain their kitchen countertop in good condition. Its features are designed to withstand stains, unlike any other natural stone. Although correctly sealed granite can be more resistant than the standard one still it can’t stand stains the way quartz does. Furthermore, although both can last 25-50 years with proper care engineered stone still has greater resilience towards chips and cracks.

Environmental Friendly

With the current situation, it’s vital to consider checking the materials composition to protect not just your family but also the environment.

On the other hand, natural stone such as granite is well known for being eco-friendly as it only produces less carbon during its production when compared to quartz. Furthermore, although none of these two materials emits volatile or radon organic compounds, granite still makes a slight difference when it comes to being an environmentally friendly material.

Conclusion: With the non-stop innovation and the power of technology, there’s so much option provided in the market place. However, despite this fact, still, it’s essential to take into count checking every material benefit and features. Moreover, only settle for a reliable product and service for your countertop for a better and safer kitchen experience.

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