How to Pick the Best Countertop Color for Your Kitchen

How to Pick the Best Countertop Color for Your Kitchen

When it comes to selecting the countertop color that can work well with your existing kitchen design, paying attention to details is very important. Since your preference will play a big part in the outcome of your new kitchen countertop, knowing how to pick the right way can help you make the most out of a countertop installation service.

Remember that countertops tend to occupy a significant amount of visual space, so their aesthetic impact will be quite noticeable in the entirety of your kitchen. Here are some tips of how you can have an appropriate countertop color style:

Choose a Countertop with Traces of Your Favorite Color

Most homeowners might think that it’s better to choose a color based on the color scheme of their kitchen, but it’s not always the case. You can still pay attention to your kitchen design while opting for the colors that you want. You can do this by going for any matching countertop that has veins of splashes of your favorite color.

Identify the Undertones of other Kitchen Elements

Undertone is defined as a subdued or muted tone of a color. If a pair of colors are mixed, the undertone is formed through a portion of the colors used. For example, a beige can have a little greener in it; then it has a green undertone. Having countertops with a color that is an undertone of some of your kitchen units can have a strong visual effect. If your kitchen has cherry wood cabinetry, then opting for green or blue countertops could make them look very red or pink. The same can also be observed with other kitchen elements such as flooring and backsplashes. It is always the best to understand the concept of the color wheel to make this tip work.

Sampling is the Key

Planning to decorate your kitchen usually takes place during the conversation between you and your chosen contractor. Since you will most likely be presented with a bunch of paint strips and sample materials for your countertops, it’s always highly advisable to try and see if it can work well with your kitchen. If you’re testing how a countertop color will look, you can hold the sample horizontally, just the way of how the light will hit it upon installation.

Consider Your Kitchen Accessories

Aside from improving your kitchen’s functionality, installing different accessories can help you create specific patterns that add up to the overall kitchen design. Matching a solid-colored countertop in a kitchen full of accessories can provide balance in a room. On the other hand, if you wanted to limit the use of kitchen accessories, it’s better to go for countertops with a natural pattern or multiple colors to balance everything out as well.

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