Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

Opting for a quartz countertop has been one of the most popular options amongst many kitchen owners nowadays. Aside from its natural aesthetic quality, quartz can now be engineered to be more customizable, giving the modern kitchen countertops to be more personalized based on the client’s preference.

However, another thing that makes quartz highly ideal countertop material is the other properties that make it a top choice. Of course, like any other material, quartz has its drawbacks as well.

To provide you with everything you need about quartz countertops, here are some of its most common pros and cons:


Quartz Countertops are Quite Easy to Clean

Quartz is a nonporous material, which means that it has a smooth surface that water won’t be able to penetrate. This makes it highly resistant to stains and limits the time that it requires for cleaning. Issues that arise with other countertop materials such as granite are less likely to occur in quartz countertops because they are also scratch-resistant.

Quartz Countertops come in a Variety of Colors

Since quartz countertops are examples of engineered stones, manufacturers were able to mass-produce them in a wider variety of colors. Regardless of your existing kitchen design, there’s always a quartz countertop that will further enhance the look of your entire kitchen.

Quartz Countertops Makes your Kitchen More personalized

When installing quartz countertops, rest assured that you’re going to have the exact countertop that you want. This is because the design samples that you see in the store will absolutely look the same as the one you will have for your home.


Outside Conditions are Quartz Countertops’ No. 1 Weakness

In case you’re trying to design an outdoor kitchen, quartz countertops might not be the best for you. Extended exposure to weather and heat from the sunlight can damage the beautiful surface of the quartz. You should also be careful when putting down hot pans and other appliances on this kind of countertop for the same reason.

Seams Can be Noticeable on a Quartz Countertops Surface

Traces of engineered stone can be a turn off for some meticulous buyers. Unfortunately, with quartz countertops, it can be visible with a more careful look. However, it turns out that it’s not a major deal-breaker for many buyers who still prefer this countertop material.

Quartz Countertops Can Be Limited in Terms of Size

Slabs of Quartz t are usually 65.5 inches wide and 132 inches long. Any oversized quartz countertops will need a seam, while granite and other natural stones are available without this kind of size limit.

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