On Trend Granite Colors for Your Countertop (Infographic)

On Trend Granite Colors for Your Countertop (Infographic)

With the time we spend inside our home due to the pandemic, you tend to notice some things you never laid eyes before, particularly in our kitchen. In everyday living, we utilized our cookery even before COVID-19 stops us from enjoying life outside our house. And with the amount of time we spend inside our home during quarantine, we tend to utilize our kitchen more frequently, thus explains why some of its features such as your countertop require a little facelift.

On the other hand, granite is becoming one of the leading choices for countertop renovations. Its toughness and durability provide great benefits for homeowners who love to explore preparing various cuisines on their cookery. With proper installation, granite is also a great choice for someone who’s looking for a material that’s low in maintenance. Also, with its stunning designs, it will increase your home’s value by improving the ambiance and the overall outlook of your kitchen. Moreover, material and professional installers rest assured that this material is a good long-term investment with the best of choice in the material and experienced installer.

Alaska White 

If you’re looking for a color that can work both indoors and out, you might find it better to go with Alaska White granite as it looks stunning in both backsplashes and countertops. Its striking beauty is composed of lighter background and dark minerals, making it ideal for kitchen designs. For a more complementary look better, go with darker cabinetry as contrary colors create an outstanding visual contrast-enhancing your countertop’s appearance. Moreover, Alaska White’s features vary from every slab, so it also guarantees uniqueness for your kitchen countertop.

Black Pearl Leather

Composed of speckled gold, black, brown, gray, and silver semi-solid color tones, Black Pearl leather granite is predominately black granite. Its leather finish has an intriguing look that attracts the attention of the aesthetical world. Although it’s sheen is less polished, the texture appearance it reflects makes its beauty unique.

Blue Pearl

Its blue reflection is composed of grays, beige, and blue shades creating a gorgeous metallic like blue background that provides a stunning look for your kitchen countertop. If you’re looking for a color that will work in changing your whole kitchen space, this color is the one for you as its gray and black shimmering specks give an incredible iridescent aspect. And for a more definite look, pair this color with bright white cabinetry as it works to enhance the color of your countertops.

White Ice

When it comes to pristine beauty, White Ice granite is the first thing that comes in every designer’s mind; this explains why it has been a popular choice for kitchen countertops. A mixture of grey and blue running throughout a predominately white stone. If your kitchen has a darker shade of color on your cabinetry, this countertop color is the best for you as it provides an on-trend yet everlasting stunning look for your cookery.

White Sparkle 

This color’s touch of sparkle highlights the cool gray and white tones creating a pleasing eye color for your kitchen countertop. If you’re a fan of interior projects, this color of granite will work well with your accent walls, backsplashes, floors, and countertops. With its sparkle and appearance, it is guaranteed to promote elegance inside your cooking.

Conclusion: Apart from it helps improve the overall value of your home, it is also important to meticulously watch after its features as it can also contribute to health issues when neglected. Moreover, with the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, every homeowner should strictly watch after every potential source of the virus causing germs.

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