Signs that It’s Time to Install a New Countertop

Signs that It’s Time to Install a New Countertop

Kitchen countertops tend to possess a strong and sturdy surface that can withstand stains, scratches, as well as heavy weight for several years. However, just like other kitchen units, gradual contact from sharp and heavy items, as well as sudden changes in temperature could cause long-term damage to your counters. An old countertop can have a significant effect on your daily kitchen lifestyle, especially when preparing foods. If you failed to notice some indicators that your countertop is finally in need of a replacement, you might experience difficulties later on.

This article will provide you with a list of things that you need to know so that you can plan ahead of time and invest in a new kitchen countertop:

Look Closer in Your Countertop Surface and Find the Following Signs

Sign #1: Stubborn Stains and Burn Marks

Do some research and find out how to remove specific types of stains and burn marks on a countertop surface. If you applied all DIY tips and the stains or burn marks on your countertop remained, it’s a clear indicator that you will have to install a new one pretty soon. A countertop with stains and burn marks will only ruin the entire look of your kitchen design, even when the counter is surrounded with beautiful cabinets and decorations.

Sign #2: Structural Damage Caused by Fire

Accidents such as kitchen fires can produce smokes, which will cause discoloration to some countertop materials like marble and granite. In case your countertop became exposed to a fire and the damage is noticeable throughout its structure, it’s obviously beyond help. A new replacement would be a lot better than a repair in this kind of situation.

Sign #3: Deep Cracks

Watch out for cracks in your countertop that are so deep you can see the wood or other material from its surface. Cracked countertops can make your counters uneven, and sometimes a big crack will lead to more damage. If your countertop has a number of deep cracks, then it’s also a sign that you visit a kitchen countertop installer for you to choose and purchase a new one.

Other Signs That Might Prompt You to Dispose Your Old Countertop:

Sign #4: Your Countertop is Looking Outdated

Countertops have a size that can change the ambiance of your entire kitchen. If you think that you wanted to give your kitchen a little upgrade, one of the cheapest ways of doing it is by replacing your outdated countertops. Kitchen countertops are available in a wide range of shapes, materials, and designs that can suit any type of kitchen space.

Sign #5: You Want to Sell Your Home

Countertop installation is another simple method of increasing the value of your home. It’s not that expensive compared to other home improvement projects, and a kitchen with a unique-looking countertop is always appealing to every potential buyer.

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