Things to Consider Before Installing Quartz Countertop

Things to Consider Before Installing Quartz Countertop

Your visit to a kitchen showroom nowadays will never be completed without seeing a collection of a glamorous looking quartz countertop. It’s remarkable marble, and natural stone looking designs are what makes it more eye-catching for homeowners. But did you know that quartz has been around since the 1960s in Italy? Although it is called quartz, this kind of countertop material is not pure quartz, as it also consists of pieces of resins.

Apart from its good looks, many homeowners are also hooked with the quartz features. With 6-10 percent of polymer and 90-94 percent of ground quartz, this countertop material can copy the fascinating looks of marble and other natural stones. Not just that as it also promotes better scratch and stain resistance when compared to other countertop materials.   

However, no matter how ideal any product can be, getting to know every essential detail about it is imperative to understand its nature. Luckily, we have come up with the vital factors to know before installing your quartz countertop from below.

Quartz is Different from Quartzite

If you’re planning to have a quartz countertop for your kitchen remodeling in Corona, CA, better know the difference between quartzite and quartz. While quartzite is made up of sandstone with natural metamorphosis exposed to heat, quartz is composed of resins and pigments.

On the other hand, while quartzite is mined from large stones and divided into solid slabs, this material still has to be sealed once or twice a year, making it more difficult to be maintained, unlike quartz.

Pros and Cons

Quartz steps up from the rest with its non-porous feature and resistance to mildew, stain, and molds, making it much easier to clean and free from germs and viruses. Moreover, with its firmness, it can also endure potential damages when exposed to heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for your kitchen. However, thermal shock can severely affect its physical features causing cracks and even discoloration, which is why homeowners must be careful not to combine a cold quartz countertop with a heated pan.

Moreover, although it is known for being stain resistant quartz, it is not 100 percent strong enough to resist staining liquids. Thus, it explains why runny messes must be wiped up straight away if you wish to preserve your countertop natural beauty.

Picking The Best Style for your Kitchen

Confusion is typical, especially with quartz countertop designs, as it offers a wide range of options. If you’re a fan of DIY kitchen remodeling, ask your trusted product supplier for a sample so you can bring home and check out if its features will suit your cookery’s overall outlook. From you lighting down to your walls and cabinets, it is imperative to make sure that each portion of your kitchen corresponds with your chosen color and design.

Furthermore, watching after the following quartz countertop feature from below can also help you have the best choice for your kitchen:

  • Seams- counters that are longer than 120 inches have complex configuration, meaning you’ll need to work on having more than one seams as it has to be fabricated to more than one section.
  • Thickness- Hinges on its size, style, and brand, usually countertop’s width ranges from ½ inch to 1-¼ inch. So if you’re into a more massive countertop or are looking forward to a detailed edge structure, thicker slabs are the best choice.
  • Physical Features- If you’re a fan of uniqueness, quartz can offer you a vast range of colors for your designed countertop. For smooth looking countertop quartz with small particles, it is the best for kicking an excellent look for your kitchen to better go for larger grains. With quartz, you can always have the freedom to explore your creativity and express your desires with its extensive features.
  • Edge Ideas- Although it can be pricey, custom edge designs bring out the excellence for the final look of your quartz countertop. For an elegant looking edge, you can explore from chiseled raw-edge to rounded bullnose and bold square. If you’re looking for a more traditional yet alluring look, you can go with mitered, undercut, and slanted as it elicits thinner looking illusion on your slab.

Conclusion: Sure thing, there’s a lot of wow factors that quartz can offer for your kitchen countertop. However, without the best of ideas and a reliable product provider, kitchen remodeling can get complicated.

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